Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Analog Jam w/606 as Master Clock

For the first time (yup, digital baby) I recorded a Jam session without using Midi Clock as the master tempo! Instead I used a 606 as the master clock, which drove a modded Monotribe via it's LT trigger out.  The MT passed midi clock to the TR-505 and Casio SK1, which were cross modulated via their respective patchbays. The MFOS Synth Lab Mini was triggered via the 606's HT trigger out, and I used the 606's headphone output to feed a Space Baby Delay. I started the 606 and just punched in Ableton.

This bounce is the jam so it is raw/unmixed, but I like the feel and figured I would post it up as is for now.  As I always prefer to have a bit of eye candy with my tunes, I made a quick video utilizing footage I shot during the actual recording session.

Would love to hear your thoughts and comments, thanks for checking it out, and please feel free to share!