Friday, October 3, 2014

Track I forgot to post-Meeblip

Track I forgot to post-little acid jam with xoxbox and meeblip v1 (the grey model).

Friday, January 31, 2014

Delptronics-Booty Shaking Breaks (more LDB1e sounds, but in song context this time)

Delptronics-Booty Shaking Breaks

Here we have some more examples of LDB1e drum sounds, but used in a song context this time around, with heavier processing.

  Aside from the Monotribe, which is the only synthpart on the track ,all sounds are from the = Delptronics LDB1e and Thunderclap modules.  I processed with: Modules: Audio Damage ADM02+ADM03, Wiard Boogie Filter
Plugins: Eventide H3000, Audio Damage Eos, Audio Damage Ronin         FX:  Korg Mini KP

I tracked a couple jam sessions with the LDB1E at either the same or relative tempo, bounced the jam sessions down and used the stems in a new live session to mix and match.   

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Fun with 4ms and Delptronics....

Demo of Delptronics LDB1e drum sounds.  

The LDB1e is being triggered by the 4ms SCM+RCD modules, and I routed one of the Main Outs to a Wiard Boogie Filter, both modules outputs recorded on 2 separate tracks in Ableton.
Tracks are layered, and I added some reverb in Live courtesy of Audio Damage EOS.

  Drums recorded into Focusrite Octopre mkII with mild compression settings. (The knob was set at 3 o'clock to catch any crazy transients from 4ms chaos).