Thursday, May 31, 2012

Good Grief Suicide Hotline Promo and Tracks!

A friend of mine is involved in a New Dark Comedy that looks hilarious based off their Promo Videos, one of which can be found at the end of this post. After viewing this particular promo, I had to sample it. .  Had to be done, my hands are tied here....So I ripped the audio from the promo vid, and played around with it to create two little ditties, hope you enjoy.  Big ups to StoneCarter Media and Experiamus Productions, please help them spread the word by "Liking"  their FB Page HERE (even if you don't generally go for that sort of thing, you hipster you)

-Plot Outline: A recent college grad, fresh faced and ready to save the world, goes to work at a cut rate crisis counseling center filled with con artists and lunatics. To make matters worse, he breaks the cardinal rule and begins dating one of his callers, creating a myriad of awkward situations that only gets worse as he tries to make them better.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sermon (Dharmatronix VS Nasty N8)

Dharmatronix VS Nasty N8: Sermon This is just a fun track that my brother and I did yesterday while experimenting with Synthcart. Thus far, I have been unable to find a Highly Liquid MIDI2600 Kit for sale, so we after programing some beats on the machines, we just used the Atari Keypads to jam overtop at the closest temp we could get. Audio was bussed from a small Yamaha mixer straight into my iPad, running Garageband. We transferred the files to my iMac, imported into them into Ableton and warped the Synthcart Audio to compensate for the Tempo lag during recording.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Korg Megatron (Monotron Mod) » Synthtopia

The Korg Megatron (Monotron Mod) » Synthtopia:

Wowser, that is a nice looking unit, the Decepticon Logo is the icing on the cake, me wikey! :)

Jacob Watters' modded Korg Monotron Includes: MIDI-IF kit, CV control, Pulse Wave (with PWM, high-pass filter and low-pass filter), Sub Osc 1 (one octave down) with low-pass filter, Sub Osc 2 (2 octaves down) with low-pass filter, AD Envelope, and Overdrive feedback loop.

Here’s a video of the Megatron in action:

More info and schematics at Jacob Watters site. This is definitely one of the top contenders for the coolest Monotron Mod in my book, what do you think?

Friday, May 18, 2012

Synthcart and Atari 2600 Jr. w/Composite Out Mod

Ah ya, Synthcart finally made it courtesy of ye olde Atari Age Shop So you know, it is officially an 8bit kind of day....

BNI Acid Jam 5.18

Yet another little Basement jam session with with the Delptronics Bender Sequencer, but with a borrowed TR-606 (thanks Nate) which literally just got back from Diabolical Devices

The rest of the kit remains the same as the previous posts...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Another snippet of me jamming in the Basement with the Delptronics Bender Sequencer. This time it is controlling the Gakken SX-150 MKII, All Master Clock duties provided courtesy of Wooster Audio's MIDI-IR 2, sending midi clock to the Monotribe (modded), in turn daisy chained to the MFB-503, and also sending IR sync to the Bender Sequncer.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Late night session with the Delptronics Bender Sequencer and a Gakken SX-150 MKII (both audio and video was recorded with my phone, so the quality is not the best).

After reading Mickey's article on Sequencing the Gakken SX-150, I was inspired to follow suite and install a pitch resistor jack in a Gakken Synth  as well.  I ended up finding a good deal at the Men's Gangu eBay Store, shipped straight from Nippon (fast shipping and good service, btw). I followed the article and installed the jack with no problems, and then did this test session.

In the video:  Delptronics Bender Sequencer controlling the Gakken SX-150, which is routed in series through the Mtron+Delay, while the Duo feeds it's input jack.
All Master Clock duties handled are provided courtesy of  Wooster Audio's MIDI-IR 2, sending sync via  midi clock to the Monotribe, and also to the Bender Sequncer via IR sync (you gotta love Austin).