Friday, January 31, 2014

Delptronics-Booty Shaking Breaks (more LDB1e sounds, but in song context this time)

Delptronics-Booty Shaking Breaks

Here we have some more examples of LDB1e drum sounds, but used in a song context this time around, with heavier processing.

  Aside from the Monotribe, which is the only synthpart on the track ,all sounds are from the = Delptronics LDB1e and Thunderclap modules.  I processed with: Modules: Audio Damage ADM02+ADM03, Wiard Boogie Filter
Plugins: Eventide H3000, Audio Damage Eos, Audio Damage Ronin         FX:  Korg Mini KP

I tracked a couple jam sessions with the LDB1E at either the same or relative tempo, bounced the jam sessions down and used the stems in a new live session to mix and match.   

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Fun with 4ms and Delptronics....

Demo of Delptronics LDB1e drum sounds.  

The LDB1e is being triggered by the 4ms SCM+RCD modules, and I routed one of the Main Outs to a Wiard Boogie Filter, both modules outputs recorded on 2 separate tracks in Ableton.
Tracks are layered, and I added some reverb in Live courtesy of Audio Damage EOS.

  Drums recorded into Focusrite Octopre mkII with mild compression settings. (The knob was set at 3 o'clock to catch any crazy transients from 4ms chaos).

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Delptronics Modular Session B (Video)

All Percussion provided by:  Delptronics LDB-1e w/Expansion for individual outs, Delptronics Thunderclap

Noises courtesy of the following units ( modded for use with the Bender Sequencer): Bleep Labs Pico Paso, MFOS WSG, Korg Monotribe

 IR Chain (all the green modules with blinky lights)= Wooster Audio Midi-IR2 + Space Baby, Delptronics  Bender Sequencer x2,  Delptronics Ring Mod (This is the first kit I ever built, and it's not pretty, but you can hear what the effect sounds like, this unit is also available in Eurorack form now).

    As the expansion provides individual outs and an additional main out (corresponding to the level pots), there is tons of routing options for the drums.  I choose one main out as my Dry bus, then routed the other main to 2 separate FX buses in the modular, and one signal to the Ringmod and layered it up...

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Delptronics Tester A

Just got a shit ton of gear in from Delptronics (thank you Mickey!).  This is my first real jam with it all hooked up, more to follow.    :)