Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dharmatronix-Xoxbox 1 Video

My first video attempt using footage I sampled from the new Bleep Labs+ Gieskes Hard Soft Synth.

This little bad boy is a ton of fun, and packs in a ton of features, including Trigger in out for interacting with Analog Drum Machines!  While no Audio from the HSS3 was used in this video, I should mention that I was pleaseantly surprised at both the quality and diversity of sounds one can get from this device. I will be posting some audio examples as soon as I can....

From Bleep Labs' website:

The Hard Soft Synth 3jb is the new audio / video synthesizer by noisemaker extraordinaire, Gieskes.

It features 15 modes of audio/video excellence, each with 4-5 variables of control. There are also 8 video-only modes designed for use with the trigger and audio inputs. An adjustable analog filter keeps everything smooth (or as gnarly as you’d like).

The HSS3jb can produce all the same audio and video as the HSS3i, but it adds many more color options and controls as well as a more stable and and colorful video output.

- 15 audio+video modes and 8 video-only modes.
- RCA, S-video, and VGA video out.
- Audio, IR, and trigger input as well as trigger out. IR with Handmade Music Austin or Gieskes devices,
hook it up to a modular via trigger or use the audio input to control the sounds and video of the HSS3i.
- Analog low-pass filter controlled via photocell.
- MIDI input controls device parameters.
- Circuit bending, color switching, fade, and individual color controls for video.
- New enclosure and more compact design (5.5″ x 3.5″ x 2.5″).
- Outputs NTSC and PAL