Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Delptronics LDB-1 Analog Drum Machine Now Shipping!

Delptronics is now shipping the LDB-1 Analog Drum Machine!

This is the stand alone version of their recently released Eurorack Module.

"The LDB-1 “Little Drummer Boy” is a modern recreation of the classic analog drum machines of the 80's, like the Roland TR-606 and TR-808. Our goal was to recreate the warm sounds of the classics, using all analog circuitry - not samples. The brain of the LDB-1 is a powerful digital microcontroller that triggers the analog drum sounds and provides the sequencer, programmability and connectivity features.
Easily interfaces with other instruments, synthesizers, DAWs, etc. through analog connections, MIDI, and DINsync.
The LDB-1 has all of the features of a classic analog drum machine in a small, affordable package."

To read more about LDB-1 and to place your order, head over to Delptronics' website.